After years of civil war, combined with habitat loss and fragmentation and largely uncontrolled use of natural resources, only a handful of giraffe remained in all of Mozambique.

Giraffe are considered one of the most threatened large mammal species in Mozambique.

In recent years, after re-introductions and natural migration, the giraffe population is estimated at about 250 South African giraffe, a subspecies of the Southern giraffe.

Saving giraffe is all about collaboration and working with partners.

GCF has now embarked on an exciting new programme to secure a future for giraffe in Mozambique. In partnership with the National Administration for Conservation Areas (ANAC), Peace Parks Foundation and the Mozambique Wildlife Alliance we are developing an ambitious giraffe conservation and management programme for the country. Developing a National Giraffe Conservation Strategy and Action Plan to guide all future activities is the first step in achieving the ambitious goal of (re-)populating the country with giraffe and establishing pure populations of South African giraffe as a source for their future biodiversity conservation in Mozambique.

The first South African giraffe arrive safely in Karingani Game Reserve. Download the short Translocation Report here.

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