Who is GCF?

  • GCF is an international science-based conservation organisation that provides innovative approaches to save giraffe in the wild.
  • GCF is the go-to organisation for giraffe conservation that is proactive and reactive, with a strong collaborative and dynamic team working within a network of partners at all scales.
  • GCF is the leader in supporting a sustainable future for giraffe in/and their natural habitats.
  • GCF will continue to organically grow and increase awareness to save giraffe in the wild.

What drives GCF?

  • To be a bold, independent organisation
  • To not be regimented
  • To be disciplined and always on
  • To not over-promise
  • To be passionate
  • To not be afraid of pushing boundaries
  • To be an open book
  • To not be precious
  • To build trustworthy partnerships and relationships

What are our objectives?

  • To support the conservation of viable and existing habitat for giraffe;
  • To identify key threats to giraffe in Africa and develop innovative ways to mitigate these;
  • To┬áraise awareness for and promote the value of giraffe conservation in African Range States and internationally;
  • To plan, develop, implement and administer projects and programmes, including the appointment of project staff, in support of its primary aim, and in co-operation with local communities and partner institutions as appropriate;
  • To collaborate with local, national and international partners on giraffe conservation efforts in the interests of giraffe conservation in African Range States;
    raise funds for giraffe conservation and management across Africa; and
  • To maintain a close working relationship with the IUCN SSC Giraffe and Okapi Specialist Group (GOSG) to provide comprehensive awareness and technical support.