Giraffe Action Fund

The Giraffe Action Fund (GAF) is an exciting new initiative of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) to increase giraffe field conservation and management actions for giraffe across Africa. GCF has initiated this exciting programme to replace the previous Small Conservation Grants, and to put a stronger emphasis on giraffe conservation actions in the wild – big and small.

Giraffe numbers have declined by almost 40% in the last thirty years to less than 100,000 in the wild. It is likely that giraffe numbered ten times as many only a century ago. The GAF aspires to securing and increasing current numbers and distribution of giraffe throughout their range in Africa. This goal is achievable, especially in coordination with other key conservation efforts where giraffe occupy many of the same landscapes.

GAF identifies and supports the most innovative field conservation actions and campaigns that directly protect and promote conservation of this iconic species. If you have a great concept that will actively help save giraffe in the wild, please get in touch and send us a short (one page maximum) summary of your proposed project and anticipated outputs.

There are no deadlines for proposals, so simply get in touch if you have a great idea for giraffe conservation action!

The GAF typically issues grants of US$1,500 – 10,000 (although sometimes larger) with smaller requests more likely to be successful.

The GAF supports the most innovative giraffe conservation and management actions in Africa:

  • Action efforts to increase giraffe numbers, distribution and habitat.
  • Action anti-poaching of giraffe across the continent.
  • Action conservation education and awareness to save giraffe and to minimise their biggest threats.

Each of these actions encourages new levels of collaborations, partnerships and networking among and between governments, local and international organisations, conservationists and donors alike. They can extend across different land management types: protected areas, forestry lands, community lands and private lands, that is suitable for giraffe conservation. Investments by the GAF will include efforts to increase giraffe range, reduce human-giraffe conflict, enhance law enforcement, develop national/regional strategies and actions, campaigns to increase education or raise awareness, and strategies to secure habitat giraffe need to roam freely.

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Are effective and yield direct and significant conservation benefits for giraffe.
  • Are catalytic by initiating management presence and conservation action in parts of giraffe range where such presence is not currently available, or by allowing for a notable scaling up of approaches known to be effective.
  • Leverage funding by unlocking other sources of financing for the conservation project.
  • Are sustainable and can be maintained in the absence of recurrent GAF support.

The GAF is not looking for traditional giraffe projects, but is open to a wide-range of conservation actors, including those involved in protected area management and community-based conservation.