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The Giraffe Resource Centre has a new look!

We are very excited to launch our new and improved Giraffe Resource Centre (GRC) – explore 700+ publications with easy to use search function.

As a science-based conservation organisation, all our giraffe conservation initiatives are based on the latest research and findings. Scientific research often requires a considerable amount of literature review and understanding of historical scientific discoveries, events, and conservation efforts. While limited research has been done on giraffe, there is still a substantial number of scientific publications, popular articles and educational materials available – dating back all the way to 1891 – and more is added regularly.

If you are associated with a large university, you normally have easy access to publications. However, if you are a field researcher based in Africa, finding all the references and publications are are looking for is often difficult.

It is with this (and you!) in mind that we have set up the online GRC.

This extensive 700+ strong collection of giraffe publications provides easy online access to scientist, conservationist, educators, our partners and all our supporters to a wealth of information to assist in their studies, research and conservation efforts. We hope to provide a valuable resource – in particular for many of our African partners and colleagues.

Did you know that our GCF team has been involved in publishing over 40 peer-reviewed scientific papers that are helping African governments, conservationists and wildlife managers to make the best possible decision for securing a future for giraffe in Africa?

Check out the new site to browse our collection of giraffe related articles. If you have any papers or articles to add, please get in touch or just drop us a line for any feedback.

Please note that all articles are copyrighted to the original authors/publishers unless otherwise stated. Any PDF files provided by the GRC are for personal use only and may not be reproduced. The files reflect the holdings of the GRC library and only contain pages relevant to giraffe study and may not be complete. Users are obliged to follow all copyright restrictions.