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Giraffe made international headlines twice in the last few months: first when a zoo in America reported the birth of a spotless giraffe, and then again only a few weeks later when a similar spotless brown giraffe was spotted in the wild – incidentally here in Namibia. What a coincidence … While this was exciting news and it was great to see so many people fascinated by these magnificent animals, unfortunately the increased media attention has not led to an increase in donations for giraffe conservation in the wild.

So, while it is great to see giraffe in the news, it has little direct benefit for their conservation in the wild. To put it simply, click bait does not translate to conservation support. What a strange world we live in …

But read below what we have achieved in the meantime – thanks to your support! We are proud to continue to stand tall and be a voice for giraffe.

What is new?

First Giraffe Arrive in Mozambique

Most big things have small beginnings. Earlier this month, the first group of 12 South African giraffe arrived safely in Mozambique. After more than a year and a half of logistical and administrative challenges, we finally started to bring more giraffe back to Mozambique. Restocking Karingani Game Reserve is just the beginning of our ambitious plan of creating a large founder population in the country. We are happy to report that the operation went smoothly, so stay tuned for more updates soon.

Twiga Tracker Update: Northwest Namibia

We have followed the desert-dwelling Angolan giraffe in Northwest Namibia for over 25 years, which makes this the longest-running giraffe conservation monitoring programme ever. As part of our Africa-wide Twiga Tracker initiative, we currently track 38 giraffe remotely with GPS satellite tags in NW Namibia. Our team recently replaced some of older ossi-units that were nearing the end of their battery lives with our new smaller solar-powered ear-tags. Such long-term data, which has never been collected before, helps us to better understand giraffe, their movements and continues to inform our effective giraffe conservation strategies throughout Africa.

Aerial Survey in Cameroon

During a recent aerial survey, the team of WCS Cameroon, with financial support from GCF, counted over 350 giraffe in Waza National Park. This giraffe population had not been surveyed in decades. Despite many challenges, the park has remained an important refuge for the critically endangered Kordofan giraffe and hosts the largest population in the country. There are only 2,300 Kordofan giraffe left in the wild. Together with our conservation partners we strive to keep these giraffe safe.

Giraffe Surveys in Rwanda & Uganda

Counting giraffe is an important part of our work. Only when we know how many there are and where exactly they live, are we able to protect these giraffe more effectively and secure their future in the wild.

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve once supported Uganda’s largest population of critically endangered Nubian giraffe, but by the 1990s these iconic animals had totally disappeared from the area. Together with the Uganda Wildlife Authority we brought Nubian giraffe back to the reserve in two translocations in 2019 and 2020. Our latest survey shows that these giraffe are thriving in their new home. With seven calves born in the last year, the total population now stands at 35. A small but very encouraging sign for the future of giraffe in the reserve.

In a recent survey in Akagera National Park in Rwanda, we counted over 110 endangered Masai giraffe. The population started with only six individuals that were moved there from Kenya in 1986. In partnership with African Parks, we continue to monitor and conserve this important Masai giraffe population. Using the most recent survey information, we are designing an effective conservation strategy for Rwanda’s only giraffe population. Stay tuned for some more exciting news from Rwanda soon.

GCF on Air: Podcasts

While our team is busy in the field and providing hands on support to giraffe conservation in now 20 African countries, we also continue to raise awareness for the plight of giraffe and GCF’s important work. If you have some time to spare or are planning to go on a road trip, why don’t you listen to one of the many podcasts our team has contributed to recently. Check out this selection of great podcast option on our website.

Prints for Giraffe

Don’t miss out on our “Prints for Giraffe” Fine Art sale – your opportunity to make a difference for giraffe conservation in Africa. From postcard to canvas, every purchase helps save giraffe.

You can choose from a variety of prints and personalised gifts that showcase the beauty and diversity of these amazing animals. Your contribution will help us fund our conservation efforts and make a difference for giraffe and their habitats.

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