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How are YOU?

We, the GCF team, wanted to reach out to you during these unprecedented times.

Many of you may be working from home and exploring new ways of interacting with family, friends and the world at large. Our thoughts go out to those who are directly affected by this virus and we hope you are all staying healthy and sane. We would like to assure you that we at GCF have taken immediate measures to keep all our team as safe as possible and at the same time, continue working towards securing a future for all giraffe populations in Africa.

We have temporarily closed all our offices in Africa and most of our team work from home while a few are lucky enough to continue their field work in remote field locations in Namibia and Uganda. Thanks to your support, we are able to keep all of our small team employed and we are looking forward to coming out of these trying times better and stronger than before. We at GCF are an effective team and we are excited to use this opportunity to plan our next steps in giraffe conservation!

This additional desk time allows us to catch up on important admin, as well as programme and financial reporting, including developing our 2019-20 Annual Report. However, we are also making plans for impactful giraffe conservation activities post-Covid-19 when our movement restrictions will be lifted. There are a host of exciting translocations, new surveying and assessments on the cards for different giraffe populations throughout the continent. As part of our Twiga Tracker programme, we continue to monitor all the GPS satellite tagged giraffe remotely across Africa and we see some interesting movements indeed – as people are confined and move less, giraffe are reclaiming their natural habitats. Exciting times for conservation!

During these rather bleak times we all long for positive news: our filming partner Conservation Film Company has also been busy and we recently released a short video on Operation Twiga IV – last year’s epic translocation to bring Nubian giraffe back to Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve in Uganda after an absence of 25 years! With World Giraffe Day – 21 June – almost on our doorstep, this is a perfect time to share some positive giraffe conservation news and highlight that together we can make a difference for giraffe before it is too late.

We don’t want to flood your inbox, but please follow us on social media for some positive giraffe conservation stories and do get in touch. We are all in this together and we are confident that we will emerge from these challenging times better and stronger than before!

Stay safe, stay at home if you can, stay connected and join us in standing tall for giraffe!

Your GCF Team

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