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As 2017 comes to a close and we are all gearing up for a joyful festive season, we also take stock of what was an eventful year for giraffe conservation. Our small GCF team continues to have a big impact on giraffe conservation throughout Africa. This would not be possible without all our partners and also YOUR support.

Please continue to help us raise awareness and important funding for giraffe in Africa.

Together we can make a difference!

Masai Giraffe Conservation in Tanzania

A new and exciting partnership is evolving in Tanzania. With ~23,000 Masai giraffe remaining in the wild, Tanzania supports the largest giraffe population of any African country and is as such crucial to their survival. In a productive meeting with government officials and local conservation experts, we finalised the first-ever Giraffe Conservation Country Profile (you can download the final draft here) and initiated plans for next giraffe conservation steps in the country. Read more about our plans and stay tuned for exciting developments in 2018.

Niger: Operation Sahara Giraffe

We recently increased our impact on giraffe conservation in Niger by setting up a programme office in the country in collaboration with the Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF). Together with government and local NGO partners the GCF/SCF team embarked on a recce mission recently to plan for an epic operation next year: the first-ever conservation translocation of West African giraffe back into their historic range in the Gadabedji Game Reserve. Download our mission report to find out more.

Octavian Forum in New York

GCF’s Director and Co-Founder Dr Julian Fennessy recently rubbed shoulders with some big names, such as chess legend Garry Kasparov, former Spanish prime minister José María Aznar and billionaire investor, collector and conservationist Thomas Kaplan when presenting at the first Octavian Forum at Sotheby’s in New York. Click here to watch Julian’s talk.

Last Minute Gifts: GCF Merchandise

Are you still looking for the perfect present for the upcoming festive season? Why don’t you help us save giraffe at the same time? Our GCF Giraffe Wall Calendar for 2018 is available in our official online shop now as well as some stunning new GCF giraffe apparel (also for kids!)!

Header image: Chris Brown