The Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) is the only NGO in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe in the wild throughout Africa.

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Giraffe Conservation Science Symposium

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In May 2018, 35 experts working directly on giraffe or in thematic areas relevant to conservation-based decision-making from NGOs, academia, and African governments came together to develop a unifying Africa-wide…

World Giraffe Day 2018 Video

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Can you imagine a world without giraffe? By supporting GCF and WGD, you will help to keep that world without giraffe from becoming real. Watch this video to find out how…

Twiga Tracker – Using modern technology to save giraffe and their habitat

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Our team has just returned from the largest ever GPS satellite tagging effort of giraffe. This data will ultimately help us save giraffe in Africa.