Are you looking for an easy yet valuable way to support giraffe conservation in Africa? Or maybe you are looking for a unique present for a special person?

From only US$50 per year, you can Adopt a Giraffe and support giraffe conservation in Africa!

All Adoption Packs include the following digital documents (delivered by email):

  • A personalised Adopt-a-Giraffe Certificate;
  • A brief personality profile including a photo of ‘your’ giraffe;
  • A copy of our fun giraffe facts;
  • Online access to all GCF’s high resolution conservation education posters and booklet;
  • Four quarterly reports keeping you up-to-date on our conservation research activities and the giraffe antics in north-western Namibia.

The following additional items are included based on your adoption tier:

Explorer Adoption

  • A stunning, downloadable, high resolution photo of giraffe in their desert home (delivered as part of your online access package)
  • Your personalised adoption pack will be sent by email. No physical items will be shipped as part of this order.

Guardian Adoption

  • Five stunning, downloadable, high resolution photos of giraffe in their desert home (delivered as part of your online access package)
  • A short personalised video message thanking you for your valuable giraffe conservation contribution (delivered digitally via email)
  • Your personalised adoption pack will be sent by email. No physical items will be shipped as part of this order.

Who can I adopt?

Click the name or photo of the giraffe whom you would like to adopt.











Namibia’s desert-dwelling giraffe naturally live in one of the harshest environments you can possibly imagine.

It is almost inconceivable that these gentle giants can survive in their desert home. North-western Namibia is one of the most isolated and scenically spectacular places on the planet. With an average annual rainfall of <100mm, the Namib Desert is considered one of the oldest deserts in the world. However, despite the harshness of the environment (or maybe because of it) there is great diversity in both plant and animal species. Elephant, black rhino, lion, leopard, hyena and numerous antelope and smaller mammals inhabit the area, fighting a daily battle against thirst, heat and predation. Amongst these animals one mammal stands tall, the desert-dwelling giraffe.

Giraffe are well-adapted to life in the desert. Their long legs allow them to easily cross the vast plains while their height gives them exclusive access to the highest branches of the towering Acacia and Ana trees in the dry river beds.

However, giraffe are in trouble. The population of wild giraffe in Africa is now estimated at approximately 100,000, a drop of almost 40% in the last three decades. These alarming numbers serve as a reminder that we need to protect giraffe now before it is too late.

By adopting a giraffe you can help us save giraffe in Africa.

GCF is conducting a long-term giraffe conservation programme in north-western Namibia. We have been studying this giraffe population of approx. 250 individuals on-and-off for almost two decades now. However, there is still so much to learn and it is only through better understanding that we can develop targeted conservation strategies with the local communities to secure the long-term future of giraffe in Africa. By adopting a giraffe you can directly support this research and join in the fight to help all giraffe populations in Africa remain wild and free!

Important info for Giraffe Explorers and Giraffe Guardians:

To make our Adopt a Giraffe programme possible, all documents and gifts are only provided in digital form online. You will be able to print some of the documents yourself or view information online, however we do not send you paper copies as this would take money away from the valuable support you are providing for giraffe.

Please remember that the giraffe you are ‘adopting’ is wild and free and we are fighting to keep it that way. As such we cannot guarantee when or where we will next see your giraffe. Our quarterly updates will keep you informed about all our conservation research activities in north-western Namibia, but may not always contain information about your adopted giraffe. Of course when we do have information on your particular giraffe we will include it in our updates!

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