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World Giraffe Day (WGD) is an exciting annual event initiated by GCF to celebrate the tallest animal on the longest day or night (depending in which hemisphere you live!) of the year - 21 June - every year!

Here are some ideas how you can get involved!

Let’s all stick our necks out for giraffe and make WGD 2023 the biggest day for giraffe EVER!

Support GCF on Social Media

For WGD 2023 join our social media challenge.

Show us how you #StandTallForGiraffe with GCF — literally!

Take a fun picture of just yourself or together with your family or colleagues standing tall – remember that social distancing rules apply! A baby giraffe is almost 2m at birth, but adult giraffe grow to over 5m tall.

If you aren’t selfie-inclined, you can still participate!

Show us your giraffe-inspired photos! Bake a cake, paint something, show us how giraffe have inspired you! Use your talents to help GCF spread the message of giraffe conservation this World Giraffe Day.

Post your pictures on social media and then:

1 – Tag GCF on social media:

  • Facebook: @giraffeconservationfoundation
  • Instagram: @giraffe_conservation
  • Twitter: @save_giraffe

2 – Use any of our hashtags for your post to help spread the message:

  • #GiraffeConservationFoundation
  • #WorldGiraffeDay
  • #WorldGiraffeDay2023
  • #StickYourNeckOutForGiraffe
  • #StandTallForGiraffe

Need something cool to wear in your photo?

Order one of our Official T-Shirts or Hoodies!

You’ll look great for your World Giraffe Day Challenge, and each purchase helps fund our critical work in Africa.

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Help GCF spread the word about giraffe conservation

WGD 2023 – Giraffe On The Move

Please read more about our Africa-wide giraffe conservation translocation initiative here

Together we can make a difference for giraffe

Join Our Journey

Bringing giraffe back into areas where they originally reigned is an effective conservation tool. All giraffe populations moved by GCF are thriving. Many new calves are now being born in their rightful home.

Translocations help save giraffe.

But we can’t do it without you.

Who is GCF?

Learn more about GCF, meet our effective team, understand our approach to giraffe conservation through partnerships and see for yourself how we are making a difference for giraffe in Africa.

Please share this video online or show it at your WGD 2023 event.

Become part of the solution – together we can save giraffe in Africa!

We asked how everybody celebrates World Giraffe Day.

Here are your best ideas!

Here are some great ideas for fundraisers and a variety of events and activities - both in person and online.

Get in touch if you want to know more.

GCF values your support! Do you have an idea for World Giraffe Day that isn’t on our list? Share it with us!

Join the World Giraffe Day Virtual 5K!

You can walk, cycle, skateboard, run, swim or use any other mode of activity!

Participants from around the world joined the first WGD Virtual 5K event in 2020 and helped make it a great success. Created by the Flossic family to stand tall for giraffe, they have now partnered with fellow giraffe enthusiasts from HighPoint Haven to take it to new heights.

Get active and get involved!

Register now to secure your entry and proudly wear your WGD 2023 medal to show your support.

And if 5K is not enough of a challenge, join us in mapping your own giraffe-route in your neighbourhood.

The sign up link will be shared as soon as it is available.

Giraffe Conservation Resources for WGD

Check out these fun activities for kids!

Are you looking for fun activities for kids?  You might have just found them! Here are our Giraffe Fun for Kids materials that we have developed for you.

Do you want to teach kids more about giraffe?  Together with the Namibian Kids Magazine PAKO, we have developed some Giraffe Info for Kids materials for you to use.

Do all giraffe look the same?

Did you know that there are four different species of giraffe and that they look somewhat different?

Download our Spot the Difference Poster to find out more.

What do you know about giraffe?

It is difficult to find up-to-date information on giraffe and their conservation all in one place.

Download GCF’s Giraffe Conservation Guide to learn more. Get in touch for a print-ready copy.

Do you need some posters for your event? Here are some great ones!

Download our giraffe conservation posters here:

Get in touch for print-ready versions!

Download the World Giraffe Day logo here!