Africa-wide Giraffe Conservation Strategic FrameworkAfrica-wide Giraffe Conservation Strategic Framework: Road Map

GCF developed this Strategic Framework as a ‘road map’ to guide giraffe conservation activities throughout Africa and, where appropriate, to inform future country, species or subspecies plans and/or an Africa-wide Giraffe Conservation Strategy. This Strategic Framework summarises shared experiences and collective thoughts, perceived gaps in current giraffe conservation and management (both geographically and in terms of current knowledge in giraffe status), distribution, taxonomy, ecology and other aspects of giraffe science and management. Lastly, this Strategic Framework outlines conservation priority areas and suggested activities to address these. These suggested activities could be used as a guiding ‘road map’ for giraffe conservation by the IUCN SSC Giraffe and Okapi Specialist Group (GOSG), GCF, conservation partners, the zoo community, private sector and most importantly, the governments and people of Africa, who live with and collectively manage giraffe in the wild.

The first three conferences dedicated to the ‘wild’ giraffe, Giraffe Indaba I, II and III, were co-hosted by GCF and the IUCN SSC GOSG in Namibia (2011), Kenya (2013), and South Africa (2015), respectively. The concept of developing an Africa-wide Giraffe Conservation Strategic Framework evolved out of the discussions at Giraffe Indaba I, and subsequent discussions with giraffe conservation partners across the globe.

You can download the Strategic Framework here.