The Giraffe Resource Centre is an online knowledge centre for all things giraffe and it aims to collect, preserve and catalogue available publications and images in one central repository.

Some giraffe species are threatened with extinction and require greater protection and management, both in the wild and in captivity. Sharing of knowledge among everybody who is involved with giraffe and their habitats is crucial for their efficient and effective conservation and management.

Important articles about giraffe ecology, management and husbandry are regularly published, but they are often difficult to access, especially for those living and/or working in Africa. The Giraffe Resource Centre seeks to be a key tool for research, conservation and management. All relevant information about giraffe in the wild or captivity and in museums or laboratories can be catalogued in the Giraffe Resource Centre and made available to the research community, captive partners, conservation agencies, as well as to the press and the general public. The Giraffe Resource Centre will ensure that giraffe-related sources remain available for future generations. It makes this data easily accessible by using the most appropriate technology and allowing access through a dedicated website.

The Giraffe Resource Centre is an initiative of GCF and you can access it here.

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