Giraffe conservation translocations can be highly beneficial for (re-)establishing new or bolstering small existing giraffe populations.

They are an important part of our giraffe conservation toolbox!

However, they are a significant and challenging logistical undertaking and require careful planning and long-term commitment including pre-translocation assessments and post-translocation monitoring. Together with our partners we go to great lengths in our efforts to secure a future for giraffe, and success has already been achieved in several giraffe range States – most recently in Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Niger, South Africa and Uganda. So far, our conservation translocation programme, working closely with governments and other partners, has increased and/or augmented over 7 million acres of giraffe habitat throughout Africa.

Translocations are truly collaborative efforts with the range State government, local communities, donors and other stakeholders.

To learn more about our giraffe conservation translocations, watch the following videos that showcase recent successful giraffe translocations in different parts of Africa.

In October 2021, 10 South African giraffe made the historic trip from South Africa to Malawi, where they joined the 13 giraffe that were successfully introduced to Majete Wildlife Reserve in 2018. Watch this exciting video to learn more about this epic and history-making giraffe translocation and see the success of strong conservation partnerships.

In June 2021, giraffe were once again on the move in Namibia. Together with our partners, GCF moved 14 Angolan giraffe from a small private farm to roam free in the vast expanses of communal lands in Northwest Namibia to boost an existing giraffe population, increase genetic diversity and promote social and economic development of rural Namibians. What an amazing sight to see these giraffe run free in the //Huab Conservancy, where they received a warm welcome from local conservancy members who are excited to look after these new residents. Good conservation needs strong partnerships and this successful conservation initiative is a prime example.

GCF together with the Uganda Wildlife Authority brought giraffe back to Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve in Uganda after almost 25 years of absence. This successful conservation action, called Operation Twiga IV, is part of our important work to save the endangered Nubian giraffe from extinction.

There are only approx. 600 West African giraffe remaining in the world. All of these used to live in one single population in Niger. To establish a second satellite population, GCF teamed up with the Niger government and 8 giraffe travelled for two days, over 800km to their new home in Gadabedji Biosphere Reserve – after an absence of almost 50 years.

In a daring mission to secure the future of the critically endangered Nubian giraffe in Uganda, GCF partnered with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to expand their range and save giraffe.