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Report writing is part of our work.

Reporting back on the impact we have on giraffe conservation, sharing information with our partners and keeping our supporters up-to-date is important.

However, we have long asked ourselves whether traditional reports are the best way to share information. How much detail is required? Who takes the time to read wordy reports these days when we are all used to scanning news headlines and scrolling through social media posts?

While technical reports are important for some audiences and scientific papers are valuable for others, we are constantly looking for better ways of sharing our impact on giraffe conservation in Africa with the wider public. Not everyone is a giraffe expert and interested in too much detail, but we need to show our impact and proof that we are effective in our approach.

So, here is what we have decided to do: for some of our programmes, we will develop short impact focused reports that are easy to digest and give you a quick overview.

See for yourself – what do you think?

Download our brand-new impact report State of Giraffe in Uganda 2022.

KEEP in Numbers 2022

Our Khomas Environmental Education Programme (KEEP) team has work hard in 2022 and broken all records: they have spent more days in the field, hosted more Namibian primary school students and much more. And on top of it, they have received resounding positive feedback from every single participant!

To find out more, download our KEEP 2022 Impact Report

State of Giraffe in Zimbabwe 2022

In 2022, the GCF team has been very busy gathering in formation on giraffe in Zimbabwe. Our team has surveyed giraffe, so that we now know where exactly they occur and how many there are. We have collected DNA samples and we are now following giraffe remotely as part of our Twiga Tracker Initiative.

To learn about the status of giraffe, download the State of Giraffe in Zimbabwe 2022

Northwest Namibia Update

There are always many stories to share from our regular giraffe conservation monitoring trips in Northwest Namibia, but what information is really important and essential to share? We have now summarised this in a short and focussed update from this remote part of Namibia. We think that we found a good balance between numbers, pictures and text – but we let you be the judge of this.

Download our latest update from Northwest Namibia: Impact Report January – June 2022

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