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As we slowly settle into our ‘new normal’, the GCF team continues to grab life by the ossicones and make a difference for giraffe.

Here are a few highlights from the last few months.

Meet Nigel

Africa’s newest Guinness World Record holder!

Earlier this year, the GCF team reported on the sightings of two dwarf giraffe in Namibia and Uganda: Nigel and Gimli are the first-ever dwarf giraffe spotted in the wild.

We are excited to announce that Nigel and Gimli are now featured in the Guinness World Records 2022 book.

Nigel, the Namibian dwarf giraffe, fits right in with his taller mates and was not fussed when our team visited again to check on him. If you want to learn more about Nigel, Gimli and skeletal dysplasia in giraffe, you can read the full paper here.

Saving Nubian Giraffe

National Giraffe Conservation Strategy & Action Plan for Uganda

We are excited to announce that the National Giraffe Conservation Strategy & Action Plan for Uganda (2020-2030) was officially launched in September. This valuable document was many years in the making through the amazing collaboration between GCF and the Uganda Wildlife Authority, supported by many partners. This strategy will guide all giraffe conservation actions in the country for the next few years, so you can rest assured that Uganda’s Critically Endangered Nubian giraffe are in good hands!

Twiga Tracker

Trialing new technology

Giraffe and GCF are leading the way in using innovative tracking technology for the first time in the wild. GCF are the first to put these lightweight ear tags to the test for wildlife in Africa. CERES tags were developed for the cattle industry in Australia, and GCF is at the forefront of testing these units on giraffe. In addition to their intended ear-fitting, we are also testing a new attachment method to the tail. All giraffe are regularly monitored from afar (via satellite) and up-close at their home in South Africa to ensure that they are doing well with their new bling. Exciting times for giraffe and we are proud to be trailblazers for conservation!

GCF in Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, and the GCF team has featured in quite a few over the past few years – talking about giraffe and our important work. To make it easy for you to find and share these interesting interviews, we’ve now added a list of podcasts to our website. Check it out and catch up with any you haven’t listened to yet!

Meet the Team

Learn more about our newest team members here!

While we still consider ourselves a small conservation organisation, our team has grown steadily over the last few years. To find out more about Jackson, Janet and Rig, our three latest recruits,  and the rest of the GCF team, visit the Our Team page on the GCF website.

Africa Geographic

Private Travel & Conservation Club

We are excited to let you know that GCF is a conservation member of the Africa Geographic Private Travel & Conservation Club. This is a members-only club for those who want their safaris and donations to make a real difference in Africa. The members strive to celebrate Africa and do good. All activities aim to benefit African ecosystems, biodiversity and people.

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