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GCF has released its first Annual Report as a fully Namibia-based organisation. To find out more about our recent key giraffe conservation activities, programmes, partners, supporters and exciting plans, download the GCF Annual Report 2016/17.

Do you want to read more?  Download our 2016/17 Annual Report as a PDF.

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Donations are the bread-and-butter of our conservation work.

Your donations directly contribute to our ability to ensure a sustainable future for giraffe in Africa.

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Giraffe Adoptions give you a personal connection to GCF’s work.

Much like donations, adoptions directly fund our conservation work.

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Wear our official apparel to support our work, and our message.

By buying official GCF gear, you’re supporting our work in two ways:

  1. You are literally wearing the message to help spread the word about giraffe endangerment.
  2. Funds from each purchase directly support our conservation work in Africa.
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