Coins for Conservation at Blank Park Zoo

GCF would like to say a big thank you to our conservation partner Blank Park Zoo. For the third year now, GCF has been one of the three lucky recipients of the zoo’s fantastic conservation programme Coins for Conservation. Coins for Conservation is an exciting initiative that is greatly enhancing Blank Park Zoo’s conservation work, while educating visitors, providing interactive experiences and provoking visitors to take action to protect our world.


Coins for Conservation

Each visitor of Blank Park Zoo is given a token when entering the zoo. They can then choose between three conservation initiatives they would like to support by simply dropping their token in a fun, interactive coin machine. The three projects to vote for are the Greater Prairie Chicken Project, the International Rhino Foundation and GCF.

Blank Park Zoo’s financial support is invaluable for GCF and we are making sure to put this money to good use. Coins for Conservation supports our ongoing work on the Giraffe Conservation Status Report. We are developing country profiles for each African giraffe range state by collating historical and currently available census and anecdotal data on numbers and distribution of giraffe (sub)species, as well as threats to giraffe populations in order to gain a greater understanding of giraffe numbers and their conservation status.

Further to their important financial support, Blank Park Zoo encouraged students from Des Moines, Iowa, to draw pictures for conservation projects around the world. Becca Bonham drew the picture below to say Thank You! to GCF for the work we do to protect Africa’s giraffe.


STORY PHOTO: Coins for Conservation
Page Last Updated: Sunday 4 August 2013